Tactics to Bring To the Negotiation Table


Property investment is no doubt a great way for one to grow their wealth. Most people, however, end up not succeeding in property investment since they mostly concentrate on requirements to get rich rather than concentrating more on the strategies and pitfalls to avoid.

Many such people end up making common mistakes such as taking advice from the wrong people and following the herd .Tois successful in property investment, one need to not only focus on his goals but also get from the right people sound advice such as through property seminars. There are certain tactics one needs to be aware of for any negotiation table.

Work with an agency

This is theperson who arranges selling, renting or management of property. To facilitate a trade one needs to smooth the way with them crucial point in this case is the amount of deposit paid by a buyer mostly on residential property.

Submission of an offer through an agent

An agent is the deal breaker, he determines whether an offer for property investment goes through or is thrown out through the window. One factor that would cause an agent to push back is a ‘skinny deposit’. This occurs when you offer a very small deposit that when rounded off does not even cover the agents commission fees.

Such an agent will tend to reject such a deal as there is no security to their payment fees. The deposit that should cover at least their fees and paid before the settlement date will undoubtedly facilitate the transaction.

Preparation for a negotiation

When planning for a negotiation, it is important that you make a list of about 10 points five of which are most important to you. This is especially important if going into a negotiation that is likely to be argumentative in a large number of points. Leave the most important issues to the end of the. More explained in this post.

Agreeing with the first five points will paint you as a reasonable person willing to compromise and hence will change the attitude of the other party .They are likely to be fair when you argue your important points.

Negotiation For an Off the Plan Investment

This is whereby you invest in property before it reaches its final stage of development and occupancy. Buying an off the plan investment can have significant financial benefits for the buyer but is also associated with some risks. During a negotiation when buying off the plan, ensure that the contract unequivocally states with no ambiguity what exactly one is buying.

From the fixtures, fittings, insurance, voting rights and dispute resolution processes. It is advisable for one to read the contract carefully, get sound legal advice and know your right to vote.

Property investment seminars

Onewould ask what tactics investment property seminars offer for use during a negotiation. These workshops are important as they will help you select the right property in the right area, teach you about the things to avoid during property investment and you get to interact with experts who have invested in property.

It is no doubt that investing in property can leap great benefits for any particular buyer but it is also associated with significant risks and would easily stand to make massiveloss. One not only needs great tactics at the negotiation table, a good knowledge of investment and has sound legal advice. For residential property investment one should use “cap rates” to make sound investment decisions.

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